Civic Sedan Project (video)

I bought this car in the beginning of 2016 because my other car was not oke, told the police me .(what a bullshit)
the things wat where wrong it was to low had no boucing because my coilover where on hard. my tyers were streched en my exhaust was t loud they said.
the police can decide now to let your car be a proved by the goverment.
but my perviouse car wasn’t worth it and you have to wait at leased 2 month before they have time for aproval.

so i bought this stock car below

i can’t drive a tock car so i swapped my d2 coilovers, camber kit for the back and some other weels to make it look much beter then a stock car.

but the tyers of this rims were already in bad condition so i put on some other wheels. and put the camber much less because this rims are not that wide, and i also swapped the front to facelift.

i put all the rims in primer but 1 of them i made purple the color of my previous car to see how it look

i decided to make the rims silver for just a few weeks but just because i had some aerosol over. it was a quick job as you see because i knew i would make them nice and clean for H.E.M 7 ( honda euro meet) in france

so hem is nearby and painted my rim purple or in it blue

the can says purple and also tinted the windows

in 2012 i allready did once one of my  fender this style but with mat black and shine black it was awsome so i had to take it to another level this time so i desided to do the hole front of the sedan.

Honda Euro Meet 2K16 “The Road Trip”

early in the mornig on the 28th of august

when i woke up my friend were already in the living room and ready to go on the road trip.

me and my buddy Bryan had a nice festival the evening before and Steven and Mitch woke him up. so a quick shower and we were on the road we just slept 1 or 2 hours.

today steven was our driver in the efella civic sedan for today and mitch was the navigator at this moment me and Bryan fel a sleep a few times on our way from Almere the Netherlands to Clatres in France a 4hour drive.

the first stop was hazeldonk because we needed some food

at the next stop in Belgium we run into a bagged skoda and a sick mk1 Caddy!!!

when we arrived in clastress france we went to the carwash just to make it a bit more clean.

and than we arrived finaly
check out the dope rides we took a shoot at !!


Jap Meet Leiden Transferium

On 26 August 2016 Japmeet Leiden Tranfserium

Today i got a call that there was gonna be a jap meet in Leiden ( once my home town ) so we didn’t plan anything and went to seen whatsup

On our way to the meet we where packed with a miata supra and mr2 but we had some small problems with the mr2 but was quickly fixt, the owner did burn his face to the muffler but it was just a little scratch :(.

when we arrived there was just a small group of guy’s but it was still early after a while it was getting busy.

It was a nice meeting with a some nice rides so check them below

japmeet leiden1

japmeet leiden2

japmeet leiden4
almoste fixt 😀

japmeet leiden6

japmeet leiden7

japmeet leiden8

japmeet leiden9

japmeet leiden10

japmeet leiden11

japmeet leiden12

japmeet leiden13

japmeet leiden14

japmeet leiden15

japmeet leiden17

japmeet leiden19

japmeet leiden20
this one was a nice hotrot the owner restored it in curacoa and after he moved back to the netherlands he took it with him

japmeet leiden21

japmeet leiden22

japmeet leiden24



IHM 2016

On 17 April 2016 Truck inn Nobis Asten International Honda Meet

We had agreed on a meeting point to drive along to this meeting because we had a nice collection of some Honda’s

Along the way we encountered what other Honda riders, including one in the latest Honda Civic Type R.

It was a good meeting scheduled for arrival we were given a Honda Goodiebag !!! tnx guys

It was a busy meeting and many people were still working to polish their cars

there were still dope old school sedans and there are also a few nice crx one there stood out with a special wrap that was primarily used for the circuit.

There were more than 500 cars on the meeting

And despite occasional rain or hailstorm was a very nice meeting and definitely worth it. Everything was there pop shops, eat and drink, and for the kids there was a bouncy castle. so there was plenty for young and old. Next year we will definitely go again.

Stay tuned until the next post!

check the pictures




There were many different Honda’s civic type r dope and nice cars slammed with fat wheels, from stock d series and swapped with a k20 engine. Lex Prince also stood by the Black Prince a super dope coupe with full camber.








There was also a brutal yellow civic in this car is a lot of time money and love invested you could see!












The 1st meeting of the scene @STORMHOEK ZAANDAM – The Netherlands

On my way to this meeting I first dropped by at my buddies from Full Lock Drifting Team to change a tire. When I wanted to leave, my car didn’t start! I was lucky because my buddy Steven just arrived.
After a couple of minutes we found the problem and fixed it.

So we got on our way to the meeting. But we run into the police and a friend got pulled over by the police. He got a ticket because one of the rearlights was broken!

We arrived @ the meeting and it was allready crowded with lots of cars and people. I found myself a spot next to a car from a buddy of one of my buddies.


#stormhoek #zaandam

And some more nice cars I spotted

#stormhoek #zaandam

#stormhoek #zaandam

#stormhoek #zaandam

#stormhoek #zaandam

#stormhoek #zaandam

#stormhoek #zaandam

#stormhoek #zaandam

#stormhoek #zaandam

#stormhoek #zaandam

#stormhoek #zaandam

#stormhoek #zaandam

#stormhoek #zaandam

#stormhoek #zaandam

#stormhoek #zaandam

#stormhoek #zaandam

#stormhoek #zaandam

#stormhoek #zaandam

tnx all you guys, it was a great evening!!!