Civic Sedan Project (video)

I bought this car in the beginning of 2016 because my other car was not oke, told the police me .(what a bullshit)
the things wat where wrong it was to low had no boucing because my coilover where on hard. my tyers were streched en my exhaust was t loud they said.
the police can decide now to let your car be a proved by the goverment.
but my perviouse car wasn’t worth it and you have to wait at leased 2 month before they have time for aproval.

so i bought this stock car below

i can’t drive a tock car so i swapped my d2 coilovers, camber kit for the back and some other weels to make it look much beter then a stock car.

but the tyers of this rims were already in bad condition so i put on some other wheels. and put the camber much less because this rims are not that wide, and i also swapped the front to facelift.

i put all the rims in primer but 1 of them i made purple the color of my previous car to see how it look

i decided to make the rims silver for just a few weeks but just because i had some aerosol over. it was a quick job as you see because i knew i would make them nice and clean for H.E.M 7 ( honda euro meet) in france

so hem is nearby and painted my rim purple or in it blue

the can says purple and also tinted the windows

in 2012 i allready did once one of my  fender this style but with mat black and shine black it was awsome so i had to take it to another level this time so i desided to do the hole front of the sedan.


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