Jap Meet Leiden Transferium

On 26 August 2016 Japmeet Leiden Tranfserium

Today i got a call that there was gonna be a jap meet in Leiden ( once my home town ) so we didn’t plan anything and went to seen whatsup

On our way to the meet we where packed with a miata supra and mr2 but we had some small problems with the mr2 but was quickly fixt, the owner did burn his face to the muffler but it was just a little scratch :(.

when we arrived there was just a small group of guy’s but it was still early after a while it was getting busy.

It was a nice meeting with a some nice rides so check them below

japmeet leiden1

japmeet leiden2

japmeet leiden4
almoste fixt 😀

japmeet leiden6

japmeet leiden7

japmeet leiden8

japmeet leiden9

japmeet leiden10

japmeet leiden11

japmeet leiden12

japmeet leiden13

japmeet leiden14

japmeet leiden15

japmeet leiden17

japmeet leiden19

japmeet leiden20
this one was a nice hotrot the owner restored it in curacoa and after he moved back to the netherlands he took it with him

japmeet leiden21

japmeet leiden22

japmeet leiden24




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