E.Fella is a Dutch, car scene based clothing brand.


In 2010 we started our car scene brand E.Fella, we started with only a couple of efella.com stickers. When we went to our first car meeting we spotted our sticker on some of the cars! In time we spotted more and more of our stickers on all types of cars, but especially the Honda drivers seem to like our brand.  We grew and even sold our E.Fella caps overseas to Japan!
Unfortunately, after 2 years of hard work the profit was not enough to put our E.Fella brand on the map. Now, in the time where e-commerce is a common thing, we try to build a better and stronger brand. We welcome you at our webshop and thank you in advance for your support!

Meet The Team


Founder of E.Fella
started back in the days with efella
designer most of the designs are own creations
also does most of the web builing him self.
making t-shirt stickers


Mechanic KWT-Garage
Make the cars run smooth and
gives it the nice looks

Our (old) Rides